Careers At New Heaven

NHC is a biodiesel catalyst manufacturing plant at the Manly Terminal in Manly, IA. The primary purpose is to serve the local biofuel industry in Iowa and in the region. New Heaven Chemicals is affiliated with TSS Group, a global company which has constructed and operated sodium methylate plants in other countries.

If interested in a position with NHC, please e-mail your resume to [email protected] For further information contact, call 641-454-4030

Currently Available Positions

Administrative Assistant

Education: Associate’s degree or equivalent.  

Experience: Two+ years of office experience in a manufacturing industry. 

Responsibilities: Plant office management, Time cards, generating invoices, maintaining communications and reports along with some accounting

Plant Operators – 12 Shift Positions

Education : Associate’s degree or equivalent.

Experience : At least 2 to 3 years of Production Operator experience in similar industries – biodiesel, ethanol, chemicals, etc.

Responsibilities : Plant operators supervise the production process of the plant and manage the equipment within the plant. They also have to ensure that the production process runs safely and smoothly. They need to monitor the equipment & control instruments and make sure they’re working properly, and they might plan and undertake maintenance efforts when required. They are also in charge of shutting down or otherwise handling equipment during an emergency.

Plant Operators record test results and other data connected to a plant’s operation. They also keep an eye on test results over time and adjustments to the manufacturing process as necessary. They then report the findings to supervisors and other managerial personnel on a daily basis.