Sodium Methylate (CH3ONa) Solution

Proudly Produced in Manly, Iowa

New Heaven Chemicals (NHC) is a US-based producer of sodium methylate solution literature review outline apa stem and learning disabilities 10 page essay example with a 20,000 metric ton per year production facility located in Manly, Iowa, the heart of America’s most prolific biodiesel producing region.

High-quality Product Ready to Ship to Your Facility

New Heaven is proud to play a significant role in the stability and growth of the US biodiesel industry by providing an option for biodiesel producers to source their catalyst from a dependable, high-quality domestic producer at a per unit cost that can improve their bottom line.

NHC’s Manly Plant has been in operation since late 2016, and is proud to claim American biodiesel producers of all sizes as customers, including some of the best-known names in the business as well as those just starting to establish their reputation.

Our Upcoming Expansion

Our upcoming expansion will enable us to deliver approximately 8,000 mt of additional high-quality products to you, our customer.


Biodiesel Industry

We are proud to be part of an incredible industry.

Successful Operation

We are a well-capitalized operation that has successfully shipped hundreds of orders to happy customers. You can count on NHC today, and tomorrow.


It’s our commitment to you, our customer. We provide the highest quality Sodium Methylate (CH3ONa) Solution.


It’s our commitment to our employees and their families. Safety guides all things we do.

Creating Jobs

Creating jobs for Hawkeyes.

Local Economy

With local investors and partnerships, we keep dollars in our local community.

Clean Energy

We are proud to be leaving behind a cleaner world for our children and future generations.

Team USA

We are proud to be manufacturing a product in the United States of America and providing it to other companies doing the same.